Focal FDS 2.350


Compact 2-channel car amplifier — 105 watts RMS x 2

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When size matters

If you want an audio upgrade but you’re short on room, Focal’s FDS 2.350 may be the amp for you. This 2-channel amplifier packs a respectable punch, driving two speakers with 105 watts RMS each even though it’s smaller than a paperback book. You can also bridge the amp to mono mode to power a sub with up to 360 watts RMS. The amp’s active high-pass filter, low-pass filter, and bass boost let you get hands-on with sound optimization.

Product highlights:

  • compact 2-channel car amplifier
  • 105 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms (170 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms)
  • 360 watts RMS x 1 bridged at 4 ohms (4-ohm stable in bridged mode)
  • CTA-2006 compliant
  • Class D design — Direct FET® Technology for efficient heat dissipation
  • adjustable low- or high-pass filters (40-400 Hz)
  • bass boost (0-12 dB at 85 Hz)
  • preamp inputs (RCA) only
  • stackable aluminum chassis
  • fuse rating: 15A x 2
  • wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
    • 10-gauge power and ground leads recommended
  • dimensions: 7-7/8″W x 1-3/4″H x 4-5/16″D

What’s in the box:

  • Two-channel amplifier
  • Four 15-amp ATM mini-blade fuses (2 installed/ 2 spare)
  • 2 Terminal covers (installed)
  • Four 2″ Self-tapping screws (2.5mm socket cap)
  • 2.5mm Allen wrench
  • 7 Crimp-on spade connectors – four with red insulators/three with black insulators (14/16 gauge)
  • User manual (English/ French)
  • Caution sheet


CEA-2006 Compliant: CEA-2006 is a system of testing and measurement for mobile audio amplifiers. This voluntary standard advocates a uniform method for measuring an amplifier’s RMS power output. The criteria for measuring power uses a DC input voltage of 14.4 volts and the RMS power output is measured into a 4Ω load, with 1% or less Total Harmonic Distortion plus noise (THD+N), and over a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (for full-range amplifiers). CEA-2006 standards allow consumers to compare car amplifiers and receivers under the same conditions (apples to apples). Using CEA-2006 criteria, the Focal FDS 2.350 is rated at 105 watts RMS x 2 channels.

2Ω Stable: The amplifier can also support a 2Ω load; the 2Ω power output is 170 watts RMS x 2 channels.

Bridgeable: The FDS 2.350 is bridgeable to one channel at 360 watts RMS into 4Ω.

Stackable: All the FD series amps (FDS 2.350, FD 1.350, and FD 4.350) have the same footprint, and can be stacked on top of one another.


Gain: To accommodate the varying range of signal levels from aftermarket radios, the FDS 2.350 features an adjustable gain control. The input sensitivity of the amplifier ranges from 0.2 to 5.0 volts to the RCA inputs.

Crossover: Set the crossover switch to LPF (Low Pass Filter), Full (full range), or HPF (High Pass Filter). The low pass/high pass crossover point is continuously variable from 40 Hz to 400 Hz.

Bass Boost: The bass boost, centered at 85 Hz, is variable from 0 dB (flat) to +12 dB.


Power Connections: The power, ground, and turn-on connections are 0.3″ wide screw terminals. A Phillips-head or flat blade screwdriver (not supplied) is required to tighten/loosen the terminals. Crimp-on spade connectors are included for all three terminals.

Speaker Outputs: There are 0.3″ wide screw terminal outputs for two speakers. A Phillips-head or flat blade screwdriver (not supplied) is required to tighten/loosen the terminals. Crimp-on spade connectors are included for both speakers.

Line Level Input: The line input is a pair of stereo RCA jacks. The amplifier does not accept speaker level inputs.

Fuses: The amplifier uses two 15-amp ATM mini blade-type fuses.